Is the dispensary open for general public?

Yes, Cantonment General dispensary is open to all general public.

How to get Birth/Death certificate?

Birth and Death certificate can be obtained online by visiting official website https://pehchan[dot]raj[dot]nic[dot]in/pehchan4/Mainpage[dot]aspx  of Govt. of Rajasthan and approach to office of Cantonment Board, Ajmer.

To whom should the citizen approach for any grievances?

  1. E-mail id ceoajmer62[at]gmail[dot]com
  2. Samadhan Mobile App
  3. Samadhan Helpline (24 X 7) - (0145) 2420592
  4. You can meet Chief Executive Officer, Ajmer Cantonment Board during 11.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M on Tuesday and Friday only.

Where are cremation facilities in Ajmer Cantt. ?

Paltan Bazar, Ajmer

Where can I make complaint about sewerage line choke up?

Complaint for the sewer line can be registered through:

  1. Samadhan Mobile App
  2. Samadhan Helpline (24 X 7)  -  (011) 25683622
  3. E-mail : ceoajmer62[at]gmail[dot]com

How many dispensaries are run by Ajmer Cantt. Board in its jurisdiction?

Only one Dispensary run by Cantt. Board, Ajmer in Paltan Bazar, Ajmer.